What To Expect From Samsung’s Galaxy S7

Samsung is still one of the leading smartphone manufacturers out there. They make compelling phones with incredible build quality and powerful functionality. This year they want to repeat that and today, Samsung will hopefully unveil the Galaxy S7, their flagship and highly priced smartphone.

The Galaxy S6 before it wasn’t a bad phone–far from it. The phone was among some of the best smartphones, well-designed and functionally useful. It was the first phone by the Korean company to come with an impressive build, which wasn’t neccesarily made of plastic and glass. Its build was a perfect mesh of metal and glass which made it one of the best designed smartphones that Samsung had ever made.

The S7 will likely walk in those same footsteps. Leaks have been flying about lately, showing the phone in all its angles. There were even videos posted, showing the phone in action. One thing was clear from the shots. The phone looks an awful lot like its predecessor, which is not a bad thing in itself. Again, the S6 was a well made phone and the S7 will only be adding to it.

From a funtionality standpoint, the S7 will reportedly be adding some features they took away from the S6.

Here is a list of the features that are likely to be seen.

  • The resolution will stay the same at 1440*2560, the same super AMOLED display found in it predessor. It kinda makes sense that they stuck with this because bumping the resolution to 4K wouldn’t have made sense (power guzzling and processor intensive).
  • Water resistance and micro SD support. This is a conscious choice since there weren’t available on the S6. These features garnered the most uproar from power users, crying fowl of the with the lack of memory expansion and water resistance on the Galaxy S6. The S7 will supposedly right that wrong.
  • If reports are true, the S7 will have one huge bump in the battery department as well. The phone is rumored to have a 3000mAh cell that goes up signficantly from the previous 2550mAh of the S6. An increase that most users will appreciate, given this makes the phone last longer. Either way, its still miles better than Apple’s offering.
  • Less pixels. You read that right. There will likely be a reduction in the number of pixels in the S7’s camera. But that is not exactly a bad idea. See, less pixels allow the pixel size to be larger, allowing more light to hit the sensor. In plain English, that means you’d be able capture better photos in badly lit environments. How much this is is not clear but it will definitely be less than 16MPs (16 megapixels).
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So far, this is all we have at the moment. There isn’t much but hey, less is more (wait, they used that slogan last year as well. So lesser is more-ish?). It seems there’s more focus outside the S7 phone itself, maybe a standalone VR headset by the company.

Actually, the livestream will be available in a 360 degree view.


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