Starting this week, the Twitter you know will be different

Change is coming to Twitter. Change in the form of an algorithm that’ll rearrange your tweets according to how much you’re likely supposed to be seeing them. In short, that means older tweets will start to appear more often on your timeline and this indeed is wholly different from what Twitter used to be.

On Friday, the online publication giant Buzzfeed, reported that the new feature will be rolled out on Twitter this coming week. This, as usual, set an uproar with users through the hashtag #RIPTwitter where people posted their thoughts on the subject. Concern rose over how this may negatively impact the live feed, with older tweets appearing in place of newer tweets.

Twitter tried to own up to these concerns, with CEO Jack Dorsey also in the effort to dispel any misinformation. The argument stood on the grounds that this feature already lived in the timeline, it was just going by the name “while you were away.” This time, though, there won’t be any label and your tweets will be knit together, so much you won’t even notice that anything has changed.

This time, though, there won’t be any label and your tweets will be knit together, so much you won’t even notice that anything has changed

In a screen shot taken and provided by The Verge, this is what the timeline will look like:


But even with all this feeling a little out of place or alien, there is one thing to note. You can opt out.

The feature is coming by default to anyone using the service but you can also choose to not have your tweets be mixed up this way. There will apparently be an option to not use the service in the settings which offsets the frustration of having to use the service when you really don’t want to.

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These changes to Twitter do not exactly come out of nowhere and as some have pointed, this feature is likely a direct knock at Facebook’s own algorithm (which did get its own major uproar). Whether or not it’s a good thing is all up for debate. Twitter is in desperate need for new users and if it means scratching at the bottom Facebook’s barrel, then it means to happen. And soon, if Twitter’s right, there will be more people flocking to the service.

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